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How to change a belief you have

Because our beliefs control so many of our thoughts, it is always a good idea to uncover those that are limiting to us and change them to one that is beneficial. To uncover a limiting belief I suggest you first read and use one of the muscle testing methods outlined in the ‘Muscle testing’ article here (or use the resource tab from the main menu above). Ensure you read the section titled ‘Muscle testing for Theta Healing’. This will also explain which part of the brain and body each Belief Level is located in.

Beliefs are held on one or four belief levels. The four belief levels are core, genetic, historical and soul.

Once you have found a belief you want to change find a time that you will not be disturbed for at least 15 minutes.

We will assume that you tested ‘Yes’ for the belief ‘I am unworthy’ on the Genetic and Core levels. (Note: that I have not tested for ‘I am not worthy’ because the subconscious would translate this to ‘I am worthy’ which in itself isn’t a negative affirmation but would not have given you the response you were actually testing for and that is if you are worthy or not).  

Find a chair that is comfortable and allows you to place both your feet flat on the floor with legs slightly apart and hands resting on your lap. You could do this lying down if you prefer. If you do, lie on your back with legs slightly apart and arms down by your side.

Before you do and spiritual work it is always good practice to protect yourself. This can be simply done by imagining a white light surrounding you.

Now you need to ‘’zip’ yourself up. This is simply done by taking one of your hands and placing it about four to five inches away from your body, palm facing you about waist level. Then make a motion down then up as if you were undoing and doing up a zipped sweater.

Now close your eyes, take three deep breaths and begin to feel yourself relax. The following is done in this relaxed state with your eyes closed.

Now you need to ‘ground’ yourself. Centre yourself in your heart and visualise yourself going down into the Earth, which is a part of All That Is.

Now visualise bringing up the energy from the earth through your feet. The energy can be light traveling up from the earth. Just image what energy you would like to use it. As you move up into the body I want you to imagine opening up your Chakras as if cone shaped, with the larger end furthest from your body both front and back. Like two traffic cones small end to small end. Imagine them spinning in the colour representing the Chakra. Do this for all your Chakras until you reach the Crown Chakra where YOU leave your body and enter a beautiful ball of light.

Imagine yourself in this beautiful ball of light floating up through the Earth's atmosphere and out into the Universe. Go beyond the Universe and pass through a white light and then into dark light, past the white light, past the dark light, past the white light, past the dark light, past the white light and then pass through a jelly-like substance which is the Laws of the Universe and then into a pearly, iridescent white light and into the Seventh Plane of existence.

Now you are in the realm of the Divine Creator. It is here you now COMMAND for the belief to be changed.

Now using your thoughts say, “Creator of All That Is, I command that the programme of ‘I am unworthy, yes’ be pulled, cancelled and sent to God’s light, replaced with ‘I am worthy’ from (person’s name) on the Genetic and Core belief levels. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done”.

(If this belief was held on all four belief levels you would use the same command changing the very last part to ‘on all four belief levels’. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done” and then witness the changes on all levels.)

Now imagine yourself going down into your brain or into the persons that was named in the command statement; to the where the frontal lobe is situated at the top of the forehead. Witness the programme and energy associated with ‘I am unworthy’ being pulled, cancelled and sent to God’s light. From the right side of the brain you will witness an energy being pulled and replaced with the new programme. When I first did this I experienced what appeared to be particles of black ash floating out, like you would see when you burn paper on a bonfire, and then a white light coming in.

Now imagine yourself going into the Genetic level, the Master cell situated within the Pineal Gland. Witness the energy spinning out, releasing the energy of ‘I am unworthy’ to God’s light and then being replaced with the programme ‘I am worthy’. Again, my experience was the same as with the Genetic Level except this time the programme of ‘I am unworthy’ spun or floated straight up and the new programme of ‘I am worthy’ was replaced with a light flashing into the Master cell. 

As soon as you finish, rinse yourself off. This is done by rinsing yourself with white light. Then put yourself back in to your space, grounding yourself to the Earth, drawing the Earth energy up to your Crown Chakra and make an energy break.

An energy break is done by bringing your right hand up in knife motion, as if you were doing a Karate Chop, up and down in front of the chest in front of the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras. Then bring your right hand to a stop in front of your Heart Chakra with palm facing out, so your thumb should be facing down towards your Solar Plexus. Now bring your Left hand up to join your right in front of your chest, palms facing each other and touching. Now slide your left palm away from your right palm then swing your arm down and away to the left of your body.              

Now re-test your belief for ‘I am unworthy’.

You’re done!


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