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Before you start to change a belief you need to understand some very important rules about changing them.

When we change beliefs we should ensure that those we change aren’t of any benefit to that person or what they are changed to will not be detrimental. For example, when you first burnt or cut yourself you will have introduced a belief that hot things burn and sharp objects can cut. Both these have a positive elements, so we wouldn’t want to change them.

On the flip side, if you built up a phobia because your experiences with fire and knives were traumatic and let’s say you wanted to join the military where using knifes or fire was expected of you, then this would be a disadvantage.

We need to be absolutely sure that when we change a belief it is to the advantage of the person having the belief work done.

Some beliefs are ‘cloaked’ by feelings, traumas or emotions, some of which we would rather not deal with or relive. It is crucial to know what your belief is based on so that any treatment will be beneficial.

You can use the muscle testing article in the resources to check what beliefs and feelings you have. For example, you could test for ‘I know what it feels like to love unconditionally’. If your response was ‘no’ you could go up to the seventh plane and command the Creator of All That Is to instill the feeling of ‘I know what it feels like to love unconditionally’. However the original feeling could have been caused by a belief in you relating to a trauma caused by a bad experience or relationship.  

You could test for ‘I know what it feels like to love’, I know how to love myself’, ‘I know what it feels like to love myself’, ‘I respect myself’, all of which if answered ‘no’ in a muscle test could relate to a single belief relating to a traumatic experience gained within the family unit or a relationship.

It is always important to ‘dig’ out the bottom belief if you are to achieve positive results.    

Always ensure your new belief statements are a ‘Positive’ affirmation. This is because your subconscious doesn’t recognise negatives like ‘not’. For example, if you tested for ‘I am not poor’ or ‘I am not fat’ the subconscious will translate these and accept them as ‘I am poor’, ‘I am fat’.   

The subconscious does not process information as this is done by the conscious. So what we put in is what we get out. It can’t distinguish between what is good or bad.

Be careful when you construct a new belief or feeling, making sure they are ‘always’ beneficial to person having them changed.

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