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Why is Theta so effective?

The main aspect of Theta Healing is it is a technique that teaches you to connect with the Creator, based on the acceptance that there is a higher consciousness.

Many of us have heard or read about miraculous physical, emotional and spiritual healings that have occurred to people of all faiths and races around the world. I believe that whether it was known or not, it was this Creator or higher power that connects us all together that performed these miracles.

We have recognised this for thousands of years. Even written accounts of Miracles in religious texts referring to God, Jesus Christ, Allah, Mohammad and many more, refer to a Creator or higher being that performed them. 

It is important to note here that Theta Healing is not based on any Religion but a belief that there is a higher Consciousness, the Creator of All That Is.

Theta Healing provides a means to create ‘miracles’ deliberately by connecting to the Creator and ‘commanding’ for the change or healing to take place.

Because we sometimes need to know what the cause or problem is, Theta teaches techniques that ‘uncover’ the cause; how to examine the body to reveal what is causing the pain or discomfort; what the ailment is; how to seek and ask your Guardian Angel or the Devine Creator to show you the cause or problem.

Theta also teaches you how to dig out those hidden ‘bottom beliefs’ that we are rarely aware of. this is often the cause of our negative emotions and in turn the cause of so many physical ailments. Theta shows us how to change the beliefs which guide us in making our decisions, creating our circumstances, ones we so often don’t want.

“Negative emotions are directly connected to a disruption in the body’s energy system and negative emotions are the cause of many physical health problems”

It is generally accepted that the negative, limiting beliefs we hold are the cause of many physical health problems we experience and recent scientific research has proven that your physical health and emotional well-being are linked to your beliefs.

“Our Conscious mind is unaware of more than 85% of what is held in our Subconscious where our memories and beliefs are held. We ‘pull’ these when we make decisions that create our circumstances and how we perceive the world around us”.

It is working with the Creator and the combination of methods to uncover the causes, ‘witnessing’ the healing and changes, that makes Theta so effective because it allows the user to ‘see’ if the work has been effective, to uncover why it wasn’t and then carry out further assessment and apply a new approach, eventually getting to the problem and resolving it.

Because Theta is so effective you can achieve a great deal in a single one hour session. 

The best way to really understand Theta Healing is to read the books; “ThetaHealing™” & “Advanced ThetaHealing™ All That Is”.

I would also recommend you take one of the many courses available on Theta if you want to pursue this as a practitioner or even to pursue your own spiritual growth. Many Teachers give a two hour free introductory course which goes through the basics and you will actually experience at first hand the power of Theta.

You can contact a Theta Practitioner and Teacher I highly recommend:

Contact Lorraine Knight via email here or visit Lorraine’s web site at


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