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What makes Theta Healing different?

One of the main differences between Theta and other Therapies is you ‘have to witness’ the changes or healings that take place. This is achieved by connecting to a higher consciousness, the Creator of All That Is and commanding the work be done.

This is achieved by going up to the seventh Plane while in a Theta state and making your command for the change to happen and then witnessing it taking place.

It is this greater power, the Creator of All That Is performing the work through the command and guidance of the practitioner or the person performing the Theta work. They are also the witnesses.

The person administering Theta Healing must also have a ‘belief’ that this higher consciousness or Creator of All That Is exists, otherwise this contradicts, the main foundation that Theta Healing is based on.

Now don’t be put off by this. There are many things we experience and don’t understand. We know Gravity exists and how it affect’s us but we can’t see it or feel it.

I appreciate to many of you this will appear strange but all of us have had psychic and healing abilities from the day we were born. However in our modern ‘accepted’ Healthcare methods and ‘Religions’ such ideas are not accepted and therefore ignored.


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