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Theta Healing
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Theta Healing

The Origins

Theta Healing is the creation of Vianna Stibal. In 1990 Vianna began a journey to heal herself of personal health problems. It was in 1995 after being diagnosed with bone cancer that was destroying her right Femur, which conventional and alternative medicines had failed to heal, Vianna through sheer desperation sent forth a cry to the ‘Creator’.  It was the answer she received that eventually led Vianna to discover instant healing and brought ThetaHealing™ to the world.

Vianna’ story is a fascinating one, as is ThetaHealing™ and I highly recommend you visit Vianna’s web site at


This article provides a brief outline of what Theta is, how it works, the benefits and how to change a belief.

Theta Healing has many applications. Changing a belief is just one. Even beliefs can have many layers as we often obtain them through traumas, parents, guardians, peers, those we see as authoritive and won’t challenge as well as through our everyday experiences. Some beliefs may have others underpinning them, those that we just wouldn’t even consider we had. Theta Healing can uncover these and change them.

As beliefs influence our thoughts and our thoughts create our experiences and reality, then by changing our beliefs we can change our lives to the way we them to be. Theta Healing is a valuable technique when used on it’s own. However when used in conjunction with the Law of Attraction it is a powerful means in supporting you in achieving your desires by changing your limiting beliefs.


Many of you will recognise ‘Theta’ as the name associated to a brain wave and you would be right.

There are 5 Brain waves:
Gamma - The state of mind you would normally find when processing and learning ;
Beta - Highly focused and alert;
Alpha - Relaxed but alert;
Theta - First stage of sleep, drowsiness; and 
Delta - When in deep sleep;

When you are using Theta Healing the practitioner or if it’s you doing the work get into a Theta state.

As Theta is the state you reach as you are falling asleep it is simply like daydreaming, relaxing the body and mind or like when in deep meditation.  

The Alpha brain wave which is when we are relaxed but alert is a frequency around 7 to 13 pulses per second, whereas Theta is between 4 and 7 pulses a second. So you can see that you are very close to being relaxed and alert. I’m sure most of you can get into a relaxed state quite easily!

For those of you who find it difficult to relax try this relaxation method.


Relaxation - Muscle Tensing method

Locate yourself in a well supported chair or lie down on your bed, sofa or some cushions on the floor. It should be in a quiet warm place, and at a time when you won’t be disturbed. Make sure you feel as comfortable as you can and then close your eyes.

Now take three deep breaths and as you release each just say to yourself ‘relax’.

Now we are going to start tensing your muscle groups while inhaling and then relaxing them on your out breath. As you work on each muscle group try and notice the different sensations and feelings you experience before and after tensing them. Notice how ‘YOU’ feel as you work through each group. This self awareness is what you do in mediation and is beneficial.

  • While taking in a deep breath stretch your legs out, bending your feet and toes towards your head as hard as you can feeling your muscles tense as you do, hold for a count three and then breathe out relax them. Now repeat except this time stretch your feet and toes away from you as you breathe in, hold for a count of three and relax as you breathe out bringing your legs to a comfortable resting place.
  • Now squeeze you buttocks together as much as you can while breathing in and holding for a count of three. Relax your buttocks as you breathe out.
  • Now tense your stomach muscles before you breathe in as it will be easier. Now breathe in and hold for a count of three and relax on your out breath.
  • For your chest, breathe in as hard as you can, expanding your chest as much as you can and hold for a count of three. Then relax on your out breath.
  • Now onto your hands and arms. Stretch out your arms clenching your hands as tightly as you can for a few seconds as you breathe in. You should feel your forearm muscles tense. Then relax as you breathe out.
  • For your neck, press your head back against the surface you chose to use as hard as you can and as much as is comfortable and move it from side to side. Then relax.
  • For the face, try and frown and lower your eyebrows, hold for three seconds and relax, then raise your eyebrows for three seconds and relax. Now clench your jaw for three seconds and relax.

Once you gain experience at this you will find it easier to relax and in time just by taking three deep breaths will be all you need. It is however beneficial to go over the full routine as often as you can.



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