Theta Healing

The Origins

Theta Healing is the creation of Vianna Stibal. In 1990 Vianna began a journey to heal herself of personal health problems. It was in 1995 after being diagnosed with bone cancer that was destroying her right Femur, which conventional and alternative medicines had failed to heal, Vianna through sheer desperation sent forth a cry to the ‘Creator’.  It was the answer she received that eventually led Vianna to discover instant healing and brought ThetaHealing™ to the world.

Vianna’ story is a fascinating one, as is ThetaHealing™ and I highly recommend you visit Vianna’s web site at


This article provides a brief outline of what Theta is, how it works, the benefits and how to change a belief.

Theta Healing has many applications. Changing a belief is just one. Even beliefs can have many layers as we often obtain them through traumas, parents, guardians, peers, those we see as authoritive and won’t challenge as well as through our everyday experiences. Some beliefs may have others underpinning them, those that we just wouldn’t even consider we had. Theta Healing can uncover these and change them.

As beliefs influence our thoughts and our thoughts create our experiences and reality, then by changing our beliefs we can change our lives to the way we them to be. Theta Healing is a valuable technique when used on it’s own. However when used in conjunction with the Law of Attraction it is a powerful means in supporting you in achieving your desires by changing your limiting beliefs.


Many of you will recognise ‘Theta’ as the name associated to a brain wave and you would be right.

There are 5 Brain waves:
Gamma - The state of mind you would normally find when processing and learning ;
Beta - Highly focused and alert;
Alpha - Relaxed but alert;
Theta - First stage of sleep, drowsiness; and 
Delta - When in deep sleep;

When you are using Theta Healing the practitioner or if it’s you doing the work get into a Theta state.

As Theta is the state you reach as you are falling asleep it is simply like daydreaming, relaxing the body and mind or like when in deep meditation.  

The Alpha brain wave which is when we are relaxed but alert is a frequency around 7 to 13 pulses per second, whereas Theta is between 4 and 7 pulses a second. So you can see that you are very close to being relaxed and alert. I’m sure most of you can get into a relaxed state quite easily!

For those of you who find it difficult to relax try this relaxation method.


Relaxation - Muscle Tensing method

Locate yourself in a well supported chair or lie down on your bed, sofa or some cushions on the floor. It should be in a quiet warm place, and at a time when you won’t be disturbed. Make sure you feel as comfortable as you can and then close your eyes.

Now take three deep breaths and as you release each just say to yourself ‘relax’.

Now we are going to start tensing your muscle groups while inhaling and then relaxing them on your out breath. As you work on each muscle group try and notice the different sensations and feelings you experience before and after tensing them. Notice how ‘YOU’ feel as you work through each group. This self awareness is what you do in mediation and is beneficial.

  • While taking in a deep breath stretch your legs out, bending your feet and toes towards your head as hard as you can feeling your muscles tense as you do, hold for a count three and then breathe out relax them. Now repeat except this time stretch your feet and toes away from you as you breathe in, hold for a count of three and relax as you breathe out bringing your legs to a comfortable resting place.
  • Now squeeze you buttocks together as much as you can while breathing in and holding for a count of three. Relax your buttocks as you breathe out.
  • Now tense your stomach muscles before you breathe in as it will be easier. Now breathe in and hold for a count of three and relax on your out breath.
  • For your chest, breathe in as hard as you can, expanding your chest as much as you can and hold for a count of three. Then relax on your out breath.
  • Now onto your hands and arms. Stretch out your arms clenching your hands as tightly as you can for a few seconds as you breathe in. You should feel your forearm muscles tense. Then relax as you breathe out.
  • For your neck, press your head back against the surface you chose to use as hard as you can and as much as is comfortable and move it from side to side. Then relax.
  • For the face, try and frown and lower your eyebrows, hold for three seconds and relax, then raise your eyebrows for three seconds and relax. Now clench your jaw for three seconds and relax.

Once you gain experience at this you will find it easier to relax and in time just by taking three deep breaths will be all you need. It is however beneficial to go over the full routine as often as you can.


Why Theta Healing?

Theta has had profound results all around the world and continues to do so. People have experienced instant healing for broken bones, cancer, traumas, tumors, phobias; it has resolved troublesome belief issues which have been acquired in this in this life and in the past; resolved disabilities and many other ailments.

It is generally accepted that the beliefs we hold are the cause of many physical health problems we experience and recent scientific research has proven that your physical health and emotional well-being are linked to your beliefs.

Theta is able to identify and change your beliefs and feelings that are the underlying cause of an ailment, illness, disease, disorder or what is holding you back from being, doing and having the things you really want in your life.  

There is no other single Therapy that I have come across that covers such a wide range of applications that has the ability to instantaneously heal.

It could be described as being a combination of conventional and alternative health;   Hypnosis, Psychotherapy, spirituality and more!


What makes Theta Healing different?

One of the main differences between Theta and other Therapies is you ‘have to witness’ the changes or healings that take place. This is achieved by connecting to a higher consciousness, the Creator of All That Is and commanding the work be done.

This is achieved by going up to the seventh Plane while in a Theta state and making your command for the change to happen and then witnessing it taking place.

It is this greater power, the Creator of All That Is performing the work through the command and guidance of the practitioner or the person performing the Theta work. They are also the witnesses.

The person administering Theta Healing must also have a ‘belief’ that this higher consciousness or Creator of All That Is exists, otherwise this contradicts, the main foundation that Theta Healing is based on.

Now don’t be put off by this. There are many things we experience and don’t understand. We know Gravity exists and how it affect’s us but we can’t see it or feel it.

I appreciate to many of you this will appear strange but all of us have had psychic and healing abilities from the day we were born. However in our modern ‘accepted’ Healthcare methods and ‘Religions’ such ideas are not accepted and therefore ignored.


Why is Theta so effective?

The main aspect of Theta Healing is it is a technique that teaches you to connect with the Creator, based on the acceptance that there is a higher consciousness.

Many of us have heard or read about miraculous physical, emotional and spiritual healings that have occurred to people of all faiths and races around the world. I believe that whether it was known or not, it was this Creator or higher power that connects us all together that performed these miracles.

We have recognised this for thousands of years. Even written accounts of Miracles in religious texts referring to God, Jesus Christ, Allah, Mohammad and many more, refer to a Creator or higher being that performed them. 

It is important to note here that Theta Healing is not based on any Religion but a belief that there is a higher Consciousness, the Creator of All That Is.

Theta Healing provides a means to create ‘miracles’ deliberately by connecting to the Creator and ‘commanding’ for the change or healing to take place.

Because we sometimes need to know what the cause or problem is, Theta teaches techniques that ‘uncover’ the cause; how to examine the body to reveal what is causing the pain or discomfort; what the ailment is; how to seek and ask your Guardian Angel or the Devine Creator to show you the cause or problem.

Theta also teaches you how to dig out those hidden ‘bottom beliefs’ that we are rarely aware of. this is often the cause of our negative emotions and in turn the cause of so many physical ailments. Theta shows us how to change the beliefs which guide us in making our decisions, creating our circumstances, ones we so often don’t want.

“Negative emotions are directly connected to a disruption in the body’s energy system and negative emotions are the cause of many physical health problems”

It is generally accepted that the negative, limiting beliefs we hold are the cause of many physical health problems we experience and recent scientific research has proven that your physical health and emotional well-being are linked to your beliefs.

“Our Conscious mind is unaware of more than 85% of what is held in our Subconscious where our memories and beliefs are held. We ‘pull’ these when we make decisions that create our circumstances and how we perceive the world around us”.

It is working with the Creator and the combination of methods to uncover the causes, ‘witnessing’ the healing and changes, that makes Theta so effective because it allows the user to ‘see’ if the work has been effective, to uncover why it wasn’t and then carry out further assessment and apply a new approach, eventually getting to the problem and resolving it.

Because Theta is so effective you can achieve a great deal in a single one hour session. 

The best way to really understand Theta Healing is to read the books; “ThetaHealing™” & “Advanced ThetaHealing™ All That Is”.

I would also recommend you take one of the many courses available on Theta if you want to pursue this as a practitioner or even to pursue your own spiritual growth. Many Teachers give a two hour free introductory course which goes through the basics and you will actually experience at first hand the power of Theta.

You can contact a Theta Practitioner and Teacher I highly recommend:

Contact Lorraine Knight via email here or visit Lorraine’s web site at



Before we start on changing a belief, you need to know a bit about your Chakras. These are energy centres that run from the top of your head to the base of your spine. We will be dealing with the seven mentioned below.

The word Chakra is derived from the Sanskrit word that translates as "wheel" or "turning". Chakra refers to wheel-like vortices which, according to traditional Indian medicine, are believed to exist in the surface of the etheric body of each of us. The Chakras are said to be "force centres" or whirls of energy permeating, from a point on the physical body; Rotating vortices of subtle matter, they are considered the focal points for the reception and transmission of energies. There are seven major chakras or energy centres located within the subtle body. See below.

The CROWN CHAKRA which is Violet in colour is at the crown of the skull (top of the head).

BROW or THIRD EYE CHAKRA sits over the pituitary gland between the brows in the middle of the forehead. It is Indigo in colour.

The THROAT CHAKRA Sits In and over the throat area, including the mouth, jaw, and ears. Its colour is Turquoise.

The HEART CHAKRA Sits over the chest, slightly to right of center. Its colour is Green & Pink.

The SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA is situated at the nerve ganglion under the sternum and over the stomach area. Its colour is Yellow.

The SACRAL CHAKRA is two inches below the navel. It is Orange in colour.

The ROOT CHAKRA is situated at the base of the spine in the perineum. It is Red in colour.


Before you start to change a belief you need to understand some very important rules about changing them.

When we change beliefs we should ensure that those we change aren’t of any benefit to that person or what they are changed to will not be detrimental. For example, when you first burnt or cut yourself you will have introduced a belief that hot things burn and sharp objects can cut. Both these have a positive elements, so we wouldn’t want to change them.

On the flip side, if you built up a phobia because your experiences with fire and knives were traumatic and let’s say you wanted to join the military where using knifes or fire was expected of you, then this would be a disadvantage.

We need to be absolutely sure that when we change a belief it is to the advantage of the person having the belief work done.

Some beliefs are ‘cloaked’ by feelings, traumas or emotions, some of which we would rather not deal with or relive. It is crucial to know what your belief is based on so that any treatment will be beneficial.

You can use the muscle testing article in the resources to check what beliefs and feelings you have. For example, you could test for ‘I know what it feels like to love unconditionally’. If your response was ‘no’ you could go up to the seventh plane and command the Creator of All That Is to instill the feeling of ‘I know what it feels like to love unconditionally’. However the original feeling could have been caused by a belief in you relating to a trauma caused by a bad experience or relationship.  

You could test for ‘I know what it feels like to love’, I know how to love myself’, ‘I know what it feels like to love myself’, ‘I respect myself’, all of which if answered ‘no’ in a muscle test could relate to a single belief relating to a traumatic experience gained within the family unit or a relationship.

It is always important to ‘dig’ out the bottom belief if you are to achieve positive results.    

Always ensure your new belief statements are a ‘Positive’ affirmation. This is because your subconscious doesn’t recognise negatives like ‘not’. For example, if you tested for ‘I am not poor’ or ‘I am not fat’ the subconscious will translate these and accept them as ‘I am poor’, ‘I am fat’.   

The subconscious does not process information as this is done by the conscious. So what we put in is what we get out. It can’t distinguish between what is good or bad.

Be careful when you construct a new belief or feeling, making sure they are ‘always’ beneficial to person having them changed.

How to change a belief you have

Because our beliefs control so many of our thoughts, it is always a good idea to uncover those that are limiting to us and change them to one that is beneficial. To uncover a limiting belief I suggest you first read and use one of the muscle testing methods outlined in the ‘Muscle testing’ article here (or use the resource tab from the main menu above). Ensure you read the section titled ‘Muscle testing for Theta Healing’. This will also explain which part of the brain and body each Belief Level is located in.

Beliefs are held on one or four belief levels. The four belief levels are core, genetic, historical and soul.

Once you have found a belief you want to change find a time that you will not be disturbed for at least 15 minutes.

We will assume that you tested ‘Yes’ for the belief ‘I am unworthy’ on the Genetic and Core levels. (Note: that I have not tested for ‘I am not worthy’ because the subconscious would translate this to ‘I am worthy’ which in itself isn’t a negative affirmation but would not have given you the response you were actually testing for and that is if you are worthy or not).  

Find a chair that is comfortable and allows you to place both your feet flat on the floor with legs slightly apart and hands resting on your lap. You could do this lying down if you prefer. If you do, lie on your back with legs slightly apart and arms down by your side.

Before you do and spiritual work it is always good practice to protect yourself. This can be simply done by imagining a white light surrounding you.

Now you need to ‘’zip’ yourself up. This is simply done by taking one of your hands and placing it about four to five inches away from your body, palm facing you about waist level. Then make a motion down then up as if you were undoing and doing up a zipped sweater.

Now close your eyes, take three deep breaths and begin to feel yourself relax. The following is done in this relaxed state with your eyes closed.

Now you need to ‘ground’ yourself. Centre yourself in your heart and visualise yourself going down into the Earth, which is a part of All That Is.

Now visualise bringing up the energy from the earth through your feet. The energy can be light traveling up from the earth. Just image what energy you would like to use it. As you move up into the body I want you to imagine opening up your Chakras as if cone shaped, with the larger end furthest from your body both front and back. Like two traffic cones small end to small end. Imagine them spinning in the colour representing the Chakra. Do this for all your Chakras until you reach the Crown Chakra where YOU leave your body and enter a beautiful ball of light.

Imagine yourself in this beautiful ball of light floating up through the Earth's atmosphere and out into the Universe. Go beyond the Universe and pass through a white light and then into dark light, past the white light, past the dark light, past the white light, past the dark light, past the white light and then pass through a jelly-like substance which is the Laws of the Universe and then into a pearly, iridescent white light and into the Seventh Plane of existence.

Now you are in the realm of the Divine Creator. It is here you now COMMAND for the belief to be changed.

Now using your thoughts say, “Creator of All That Is, I command that the programme of ‘I am unworthy, yes’ be pulled, cancelled and sent to God’s light, replaced with ‘I am worthy’ from (person’s name) on the Genetic and Core belief levels. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done”.

(If this belief was held on all four belief levels you would use the same command changing the very last part to ‘on all four belief levels’. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done” and then witness the changes on all levels.)

Now imagine yourself going down into your brain or into the persons that was named in the command statement; to the where the frontal lobe is situated at the top of the forehead. Witness the programme and energy associated with ‘I am unworthy’ being pulled, cancelled and sent to God’s light. From the right side of the brain you will witness an energy being pulled and replaced with the new programme. When I first did this I experienced what appeared to be particles of black ash floating out, like you would see when you burn paper on a bonfire, and then a white light coming in.

Now imagine yourself going into the Genetic level, the Master cell situated within the Pineal Gland. Witness the energy spinning out, releasing the energy of ‘I am unworthy’ to God’s light and then being replaced with the programme ‘I am worthy’. Again, my experience was the same as with the Genetic Level except this time the programme of ‘I am unworthy’ spun or floated straight up and the new programme of ‘I am worthy’ was replaced with a light flashing into the Master cell. 

As soon as you finish, rinse yourself off. This is done by rinsing yourself with white light. Then put yourself back in to your space, grounding yourself to the Earth, drawing the Earth energy up to your Crown Chakra and make an energy break.

An energy break is done by bringing your right hand up in knife motion, as if you were doing a Karate Chop, up and down in front of the chest in front of the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras. Then bring your right hand to a stop in front of your Heart Chakra with palm facing out, so your thumb should be facing down towards your Solar Plexus. Now bring your Left hand up to join your right in front of your chest, palms facing each other and touching. Now slide your left palm away from your right palm then swing your arm down and away to the left of your body.              

Now re-test your belief for ‘I am unworthy’.

You’re done!


Important note

You might have a different experience, when you see the belief is being removed and replaced. Don’t worry, we all see things differently.

If you had this belief on the History Level you would change ‘pulled, cancelled’ to ‘cancelled, resolved’.

“Creator of All That Is, I command that the programme of ‘I am unworthy, yes’ be cancelled, resolved and sent to God’s light, replaced with ‘I am worthy’ from (person’s name) on the History level. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done”.

If this belief was held on all four belief levels you would use the same command changing the command to “Creator of All That Is, I command that the programme of ‘I am unworthy, yes’ be cancelled, resolved on the History Level, released on the others and sent to God’s light, replaced with ‘I am worthy’ from (person’s name). Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done”.

If this belief were on all four belief levels you would simply go to all four and witness the changes. You must always witness any changes on whichever level they are held on!

CAUTION: Never presume anything. If you haven’t checked for a belief on a particular Level, then don’t change it because it is on one or any other, just because you 'think it might be' better for you.

For example if you have a belief on one level and haven’t checked it on the others BUT because it appears to you one that feels good to have on all four levels and you decide ‘I’ll just change it on all four’, DON’T.

We often hold some beliefs for a purpose whether we see them as positive or negative. Be absolutely sure the belief you hold is not serving you in a positive capacity. 

Read the section on ‘Beliefs’.


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