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My son/daughter (use their name) wants to join the swimming club and I donít have the money to fund it. If I say no it will be another issue to deal with and I know it will used as a means to get at me. It will be used to put me down and he/she will talk about how their friends are joining, making me feel even worse. If I talk to my partner they will only say 'deal with it' and give no support.

What I want
I want to find a way to pay for my son/daughters swimming club. To do this in my current situation I will need an extra ď£??.??Ē, a week to do so. I've always managed in the past so there is no reason why I can't this time.†

That damn car didnít start again this morning. Thatís the third time this week. I have no idea what the cost will be, but the chances are the investigation work will cost as much as it will to put right. My last bill was £800.00. I canít afford another bill like that and I certainly canít afford to buy another car.†

What I want
My car has served me well but it has now come to a stage where the repair and up keep is greater than the value. Iíve had it a very long time and in all the time it has only let me down three times. I am really grateful and thankful for my car but now I need a more reliable car, a car that will be cheaper to maintain but provide all the things my current car does and more. It must have four doors, a sunroof, air conditioning, be red in colour and have a black interior. I can use other modes of transport if my car lets me down again or see if I can get a lift with a friend.

Iím sure my partner (use their name) is having an affair. Iíve read about all the signs to check, and they match most of them. The last time I tried to talk about it ended up in a big row with all sorts of accusations flying around and them storming off saying that this sort of thing will drive me into someone elseís arms. Should I just call it a day? I canít speak to (Name of person) as theyíve never been a fan and Iíll only get a one sided view. If I leave what will happen to the children? Besides why should I move out? Where will I go? And you know who will be chomping at the bit just ready to pounce and remind me ĎI told you soí. Perhaps I am just imagining it and should leave well alone?

What I want

Sometimes those articles you read on relationships aren't always true and that's probably the case now. I should talk about others things to see if it the accusations that bother them (use their name). Maybe suggesting doing something together would be a good place to start. I want to be able to discuss anything I want to with my partner (Use their name), without it turning into an argument. I want to feel wanted, loved and special. Weíve always had a great relationship. I really love,ÖÖ.. (Write down ten things that you admire, like and respect about your partner and really feel them as you write them down, adding as much detail as you can). I want our relationship to be as fresh as the day we met. What we had before we can have again. I do love (Name).

This lump on my arm has got larger. It isnít painful. What if itís a malignant tumor? They can come in all shapes and sizes and anywhere on the body. What if itís cancerous? If it is, how long will I have to live, or how long before I can get treatment? If talk to (name) theyíll only tell me not to worry, that will make me worse and then theyíll say get it checked out and then Iíll start going over what it is all over again.

What I want
I want this lump to go away in the same way it appeared. I want it to be harmless. I can see the doctor telling me that itís nothing to worry about, that they are common and they usually go after some time. You have nothing to worry about.


With all the redundancies I wonder if Iíll be next. How will I pay the mortgage, what will I live on? What will happen to us as a family? At my age Iím not sure if I can start all over again or if anyone will want to employ me. What if there arenít any jobs around, what if the jobs that are donít pay as well? Iíll lose the house, Iíll end up on the streets Iíll be homeless. Oh mum will have a field day if that happens. She wonít stop giving me grief. I canít ask her for help. Sheíll make sure my life becomes even worse with her constant put downs.

What I want
I really love my job and really want to stay in it for as long as ďIĒ want to. Iím really grateful for my job, my management, work colleagues and the great salary I get. I have a great social life with my colleagues outside of work and have made some great friends. I am truly thankful and grateful for my job.

My examples may not be what you are experiencing but hopefully they give you an idea of what Iím trying to get across. Write what you can with as much detail about the things you are focusing on and see as happening. This will help reduce any anxiety as you get it out. When we ponder things over and over we often donít realise just how many different aspects, angles and possible outcomes the worry is causing and we have milling around inside us. By writing things down it will make the whole picture clearer and hopefully you will see some aspects as completely off the mark.


Creative Visualisation

creative_visualisation_lrg_greenWhat is Creative Visualisation?

Creative visualisation is a practise of using your thoughts to deliberately create an experience or outcome as you want it to be. You create the desired outcome in your mind before it has actually occurred. It is a technique of using your imagination to create what you want in life.


Worry Sheets

johnny_automatic_worried_about_a_billWhat is worry?

Worry is the negative, anticipated potential of an outcome that hasnít yet been experienced in the present.

When we worry we engage in a chain of thoughts and/or images of a negative and uncontrollable nature about something we have not yet experienced. We Ďimagineí what the outcome will be.


Muscle Testing

muscle_testing_lrg_greenWhat is Muscle Testing ?

Muscle testing is a method we use to uncover hidden beliefs, feelings and emotions we hold about ourselves. As the response is coming from our Subconscious mind (inner child) which canít lie muscle testing has proved to be a valuable tool to uncovering our beliefs, emotions and feelings which we would otherwise not know we have. Once uncovered, we can then change them to our advantage, allowing us to move our lives on the way we want.Read More

Gratitude Journal

gratitude_journal_lrg_greenStarting a Gratitude Journal

Why Gratitude? Because it helps you appreciate the positive things in your life.

Gratitude turns the bad things into good. How often do you hear individuals complaining about problems at work? Be grateful for your job; the money coming in at the end of each month and the challenges you have. There is always something to be grateful for even when things donít seem to be going that well.Read More

Free eBooks

expert clip artThese are 'classics' that anyone seeking to use the Law of Attraction should have in their personal library.  

We will also be adding books as and when we can, so please pop back and check or look out for notifications we send out by email.


affirmations_lrg_greenWhat are Affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements made in the present tense designed to counteract a negative belief you currently hold. Affirmations support the changes you want to make in your life by directing Ďpositive affirmedí statements based on the area in your life you want to change. This is achieved by the repetition of these affirmation phrases. They can have profound effects as the changes start to take hold and break through your limiting thoughts and beliefs.Read More


meditation_imgWhat is Meditation?

Meditation is a discipline by which the practitioner is attempting to go beyond the sensory stimuli that we take in and process with the Conscious mind, focussing the attention onto a particular object of contemplation, avoiding external influences ďthinking" ourselves into a deeper state of relaxation or awareness.

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