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Easy does it, Gratitude should not be a chore!
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Easy does it, Gratitude should not be a chore!

Expressing gratitude shouldn’t be a chore. Spend just two to three minutes a day to say thank you for five things you are grateful for. Start by either doing it when you get up or just before going to bed. Write them down or just say them to yourself. This will start to change your perspective on your day and your life.

Gratitude journals tend to be more effective when used at the end of the day. Try to do this regularly. At first you may want to do it two or three times a week. Try this if every night is too much and then increase it at a pace you feel comfortable with.    

When you start off you may look for things that you have around you on a regular and constant basis, like your house, your bed, your car or electrical appliances that make your life easier. As you progress, try to think of five things from the day just gone to be grateful for. This will give you an awareness of the new things coming into your experience and those that would otherwise go unnoticed.    

You could play a gratitude game. Try this, you are woken up the morning by an alarm clock precisely when you wanted to, you get up, say thank you. You had a great night sleep, thank you to your bed for such a cosy, comfortable nights sleep. You switch on the radio and go to the bathroom to wash, you turn on the tap. Say thank you to the utility company that provides you with the water; the radio station for a great show; the utility company for the means to heat your water. You wash your face with soap; thank you for the company that produces your soap; you brush your teeth, thank you for my toothbrush and toothpaste. You have a shower or a bath, thank you to those that invented a means to bathe yourself with such ease. You need to dry yourself, thank you for your towel. Then there’s your hair. You may want to dry it, straighten it or style it. How many electrical and cosmetic products have you used? Thank you for them all. You get dressed in great looking clothes. Someone designed and made then, another thank you. You might go down a flight of stairs. Don’t they make life easier! You have breakfast. How many choices do you have? I think you’re getting the idea.

There are so many things to be grateful for that are already in our lives we just don’t realise it. Give this a go and I think you will be surprised. My example above, hasn’t even taken you out of the house yet!    

Ponder on this. Have you ever thought what provides all the recourses that give you everything you have? The roof over your head; the food you eat; the means to heat your house, the water to quench your thirst, the material to make your clothes, all the air you’ll ever need to last your entire life? Well it is this wonderful, incredible, amazing, planet we inhabit. Have you ever said thank you to it? It is boundless and always will be! Saying thank you to this wonderful planet will help you realise what you have and where it came from. Also give thanks to the amazing individuals that made those materials into the things you have, even if you don’t know who they are or were!

Have you ever given thanks to your body? It will be with you for your entire life! Your body is an incredible thing. You’re able to taste, touch, smell, hear and see everything around you, taking it all in. Giving thanks to your body parts is a great way to make you aware of the things around you as you do.

I’m truly grateful to you for coming to this site and reading this article. I hope it helps you in achieving what you want.


Creative Visualisation

creative_visualisation_lrg_greenWhat is Creative Visualisation?

Creative visualisation is a practise of using your thoughts to deliberately create an experience or outcome as you want it to be. You create the desired outcome in your mind before it has actually occurred. It is a technique of using your imagination to create what you want in life.


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Gratitude Journal

gratitude_journal_lrg_greenStarting a Gratitude Journal

Why Gratitude? Because it helps you appreciate the positive things in your life.

Gratitude turns the bad things into good. How often do you hear individuals complaining about problems at work? Be grateful for your job; the money coming in at the end of each month and the challenges you have. There is always something to be grateful for even when things don’t seem to be going that well.Read More

Free eBooks

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We will also be adding books as and when we can, so please pop back and check or look out for notifications we send out by email.


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