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Before you start any muscle testing you should 'zip' yourself up. This is simply done by placing your hand, palm facing you about four to five inces away from your body at waist level or lower if comfortable. Now draw your hand up in front of you and over the top of your head as if doing up a big zip! and that's it!

Method of Muscle Testing for Beliefs – ONE

To test a belief, place the tip of your thumb against the tip of your third index finger (the one between your little and middle fingers). You can use your first index finger if that is easier. It doesn’t have to be the very tip it can be the first segments on each. This is actually better as you can apply more pressure.

Now, holding the two fingers in the manner described above, place the thumb and forefinger of your other hand between the ‘Loop’ that is formed. With the fingers that have created the loop, apply even pressure while repeating the word ‘yes’ try and prise open the ‘Loop’ with your thumb and forefinger. Then repeat this exercise using the word ‘no’ and see if you can feel a difference in pressure or strength between the two words.    

For an example of this and other using the finger method watch the video below.

Now try this muscle test on the list of beliefs I have listed at the bottom of this document and see which are ‘True’ and which are ‘False’. I think you will be surprised!


Method of Muscle Testing for Beliefs – TWO

Stand upright, facing North if you know which direction that is. It doesn’t matter if you don’t. Whilst standing perfectly balanced repeat the word ‘yes’ and see if your body wants to sway in a particular direction, forward or backwards. Repeat this using the word ‘no’.


In the first muscle test method when you repeat the word ‘yes’ it should be harder to prise open your fingers, and the opposite when repeating the word ‘no’.

In the second muscle test you should feel yourself leaning or wanting to fall ‘forward’ when repeating the word ‘yes’ and backwards when repeating the word ‘no’.

In the first method the strength between ‘yes’ and ‘no’ might be slight so practise until you can easily feel the difference.

In the second method you may feel like you want to move in a particular direction very slightly. As you practise you will get to understand how your body reacts to a belief being true with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

With both these methods, always try and use a belief you know to be true or false to get you started. As I have mentioned in the note below, use a false name and then your actual name. This is a good way to start testing how your body reacts to your beliefs.

Excellent, give your self a pat on the back you now know how to muscle test on your beliefs!

What the video below which demonstrates muscle testing method two.

Now use either muscle test above and test one or all of the beliefs below.



Creative Visualisation

creative_visualisation_lrg_greenWhat is Creative Visualisation?

Creative visualisation is a practise of using your thoughts to deliberately create an experience or outcome as you want it to be. You create the desired outcome in your mind before it has actually occurred. It is a technique of using your imagination to create what you want in life.


Worry Sheets

johnny_automatic_worried_about_a_billWhat is worry?

Worry is the negative, anticipated potential of an outcome that hasn’t yet been experienced in the present.

When we worry we engage in a chain of thoughts and/or images of a negative and uncontrollable nature about something we have not yet experienced. We ‘imagine’ what the outcome will be.


Muscle Testing

muscle_testing_lrg_greenWhat is Muscle Testing ?

Muscle testing is a method we use to uncover hidden beliefs, feelings and emotions we hold about ourselves. As the response is coming from our Subconscious mind (inner child) which can’t lie muscle testing has proved to be a valuable tool to uncovering our beliefs, emotions and feelings which we would otherwise not know we have. Once uncovered, we can then change them to our advantage, allowing us to move our lives on the way we want.Read More

Gratitude Journal

gratitude_journal_lrg_greenStarting a Gratitude Journal

Why Gratitude? Because it helps you appreciate the positive things in your life.

Gratitude turns the bad things into good. How often do you hear individuals complaining about problems at work? Be grateful for your job; the money coming in at the end of each month and the challenges you have. There is always something to be grateful for even when things don’t seem to be going that well.Read More

Free eBooks

expert clip artThese are 'classics' that anyone seeking to use the Law of Attraction should have in their personal library.  

We will also be adding books as and when we can, so please pop back and check or look out for notifications we send out by email.


affirmations_lrg_greenWhat are Affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements made in the present tense designed to counteract a negative belief you currently hold. Affirmations support the changes you want to make in your life by directing ‘positive affirmed’ statements based on the area in your life you want to change. This is achieved by the repetition of these affirmation phrases. They can have profound effects as the changes start to take hold and break through your limiting thoughts and beliefs.Read More


meditation_imgWhat is Meditation?

Meditation is a discipline by which the practitioner is attempting to go beyond the sensory stimuli that we take in and process with the Conscious mind, focussing the attention onto a particular object of contemplation, avoiding external influences “thinking" ourselves into a deeper state of relaxation or awareness.

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