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Creative Visualisation

What is Creative Visualisation?

Creative visualisation is a practise of using your thoughts to deliberately create an experience or outcome as you want it to be. You create the desired outcome in your mind before it has actually occurred. It is a technique of using your imagination to create what you want in life.

Thoughts and visualisation go hand in hand. When you visualise you think, when you think you visualise. This may come as a surprise to some but we do not think in words, we think with pictures. Try it. Think back to something that happened today. Do you see the event in words or images?

Thoughts are images, pictures of our world and imagery in the language of the subconscious mind.   

There is nothing new, unusual or strange about creative visualisation. It is just like any other natural law which anyone can use. In fact we are all using it all of the time. It is just that the majority of people aren’t aware of what they are creating because they aren’t always aware of their thoughts. What we see is in our physical world is the ‘effect’ and what we think is what created it, ‘cause’.

“Your thoughts and feelings are Cause and what manifests is Effect”

Because the majority of people are unaware of their thoughts, they go about their daily lives thinking the same thoughts, creating the same experiences again and again. For example, those who consciously or subconsciously tell themselves “my job’ lousy” that’s what they experience. If you talk about how bad your relationships are and you always attract the wrong type of person, that’s what you attract and experience. If you talk about friends letting you down, they do.

Whatever your thoughts are predominantly focused on supported by feelings and beliefs you will experience. The outcome of your experience is always a match to your thoughts, beliefs and feelings whether perceived good or bad, wanted or unwanted. 

You should think of thoughts as seeds. Each one has the potential to grow into an experience. You nurture each thought (seed) with the attention you put on it. Through the repetition of thinking the same thought you create a belief. Your thoughts and beliefs create your emotions and feelings and these are the ingredients for the fertiliser that help you grow your seed.



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