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How should affirmations be used?

Affirmations should always be used in the present tense, this is because you are trying to create a ‘present’ you want to experience.

When using affirmations you should really ‘FEEL’ them as you repeat them or hear them. Try and resonate with the positive feeling and emotion.

Affirmation guidelines:
  • Make them positive. ALWAYS accentuate the positive when saying them.
  • Keep them in the present tense.
  • Use words that feel right for your way of thinking
  • Make sure they are being directed towards a negative belief
  • Use words that give power and feeling
  • Keep them as short as possible.
  • Affirmation MUST be completely unambiguous.
If you say ‘I want to be Rich’ then you are making a ‘future tense’ statement, so your wish will never be fulfilled since it will remain something that is always still to come!

Always ensure your statements are ‘Positive’. This is because your subconscious doesn’t recognise negatives like ‘not’. For example if you say ‘I am not poor’ or ‘I am not fat’ the subconscious will translate these and accept them as ‘I am poor’, ‘I am fat’.

Avoid using words like “don’t”, “isn’t” and “can’t”. This is because the Subconscious mind doesn’t understand or accept such words.

The subconscious does not process information as this is done by the conscious. It can’t distinguish between what is good or bad, right or wrong. So what we put in is what we get out, garbage in garbage out!

You can also write affirmations out. Use cards with a separate affirmation on each. This is quite a good way to reinforce them. You can then also read them out again and again, building up your own set of affirmations. You could even stick them up around the house, on your mirror, your computer as a reminder.

Try and repeat your affirmations several times a day for a month or more if possible if there are only a few you are using. If you are using a long list try and repeat them at least once a day for a minimum of a month. When you speak or write down your affirmation try and ‘feel’ them.

Remember in order to change your beliefs you have to ‘bombard’ your subconscious with the affirmations that are associated with thoughts of your desires to change your beliefs. Many of your beliefs were built up over time so they may take a while to take effect. Persevere and they will.


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