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Where should I direct my affirmations?

Our lives are dictated by our thoughts that are influenced by the beliefs we hold in our subconscious which normally go unnoticed. When you find life is not moving the way you feel it should or the direction you want, this will give you an indication of where you have limiting beliefs

If it’s a lack of money, low self esteem, not achieving your goals, lack of motivation, your job, then these are the areas to which you should be using and directing your affirmations. Our beliefs influence all areas of our lives controlling our thoughts in directions that may not be beneficial to what we want to experience.

“Our conscious mind is unaware of more than 85% of what we hold in our subconscious”.

It might be difficult for you to uncover some of your beliefs so please take a look at the muscle testing article in the resources. This will help you to uncover some of the beliefs you hold.

When you start using affirmations they may feel strange. You may encounter resistance from your current thoughts as they will be in opposition to what you currently believe but what we are trying to do is change those limiting beliefs that are currently influencing your thoughts.

The opposing thoughts may come in the form of ‘This is silly’, ‘I can’t really do that’ or ‘I’ll do this later’.

As you practise, you will start to notice these opposing thoughts which you can counteract by using an affirmation to push back.

Think of affirmations like drops of water falling on a stone or rock. At first there is no change but eventually the drops of water will change the shape and look of the stone or rock.


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